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So I have this on two accounts. One’s the Harry version and one’s the Ed version. Enjoy.image

”So?” He was looking at his hands, wrapped around each other, silently playing with his thumbs. He tried not to look at me, because I couldn’t look away.
"So… what? What now?" I slightly lowered my head, trying to catch his eye. "Ed, will you just look at me? Please? I’m trying to make this work." 
"Make what work, Y/N?" He snapped, finally lifting his head. 
"This god damn relationship," I whispered, looking out the kitchen window, regretting the need for eye contact.
"What was that?" Ed demanded.
"This," I gestured towards the both of us. "I’m trying to fix THIS. What we’re doing," I said, nearly pleading for his understanding. 
"And exactly what is it that you’re trying to fix?" I got a good glimpse of his eyes, mad. They weren’t the same. He always had compassion, and care. For me, especially and no matter how hard I searched, I couldn’t find a grain of it. I tried hard to think of a witty comeback. I tried to think of something wrong with the both of us, for a reason to hate him. This thought that I had contemplated so thoroughly finally started to make sense. 
"N-nothing. I just… I’m going to bed now. Night," I answered, holding myself together for that last second. He looked back down at his thumbs as I pushed in my chair, lingering at the scene. I would at least expect a response. Nothing. I walked towards the bedroom, quickening in speed as I got close. I couldn’t see, everything was blurred in my sights. I rushed towards the bathroom, in need of a place to lock my self in. An escape. Without thinking, I tripped on the lamp chord. Crying, breaking, I fell on to the ground with a agonizing thud. I didn’t care enough to let the pain soak through my nerves. It just… happened.. "Shit," I murmured. I got up and walked to the bathroom, closing the door. I placed my hands over my mouth, trying to process what my relationship was becoming, what we were becoming. I couldn’t breathe, my cries were just stifled breathing, coming from my still covered mouth. Was it over? Can we fix it? If there’s nothing left to fix, what’s the point of gluing the pieces together? We have been fighting for a while now, over nothing. For pointless reasons, little things like whether or not we’re going to one of our family’s get together, or who’s going to pay tomorrow’s bills. This fight was little as well. It was no bigger than our previous quarrels yet it was no smaller. It seemed no different. However, there was a small fault in this one. It felt different, weird almost. I don’t get it. Ed and I have been together for over a year. That’s why none of this makes sense to me. After all these months, why are these the days that we are just starting to fight?
"Y/ ?" I heard a muffled voice from the other side of the apartment. This was not the time for him to see me. I’m weak.
"Y/N, was that you?" In a panic, I wiped my tears and stumbled out of the bathroom. I hurried towards the drawers so that it would look like I was only looking for clothes. 
"Uh, yeah. I just slammed the thing too hard. I’m fine," I fibbed, still shuffling through clothes.
"Then why is your arm is bleeding?" He said suspiciously, pointing to my elbow.
"What happened? I’m serious."
"I fell, but like I said, I’m okay. I just want to sleep, so uh, excuse me," I started to walk past him. 
"Y/N," He grabbed my shoulder sternly and turned me towards him. Ed lifted my arm, examining it. He brought the bottom of his shirt up towards my arm, wiping the blood that ran down it. I inhaled a sharp breath; it stung more than it should have.
"You lied to my face.." He nearly said in a whisper, dabbing my arm. 
"Ed, stop that hurts," I begged.
He went towards the bathroom and picked a towel up on the way. I could hear him running under some water. Things still felt weird. Even with him tending me like this, it felt off. I didn’t like it. He walked it over to me and put it on my arm, letting me hold onto it. He stood there for a few seconds. I could feel him looking for anymore injuries, but I was clear. After a few seconds, he turned around and walked towards the door with his head towards the ground. It’s as if nothing just happened. He’s supposed to stay with me, being more concerned than he should. He’s supposed to laugh at me for being so clumsy. We’re supposed to forget everything in a matter of minutes like we have every other fight. The thing is, we did forget. I don’t even remember what we were going on about. This time, it didn’t even seem to matter anymore. We were just going to fight again.
"Where are you going? It’s late," I asked, getting up and quickly went towards the bedroom door.
"I don’t know, anywhere," Ed claimed, stopping in his tracks at the end of the hallway, putting his hand on a small counter we have.
"Why? I’m kicking you out or anything."
"I literally just said that I didn’t know. Are you deaf?" He said sternly, I knew he didn’t mean it but he didn’t care enough to admit to it. He looked over to a duffle bag that has his clothes in it for when he had a quick show and was staying at a friend’s house. He picked it up and took a step, but not without adding one last note. 
"Look, I’m sorry. It’s just if I stay, all we’re gonna do is fight."
"I get it. Bye." I said, with the smallest amount of emotion I could let out. He looked at me for one last time, as if confirming that he was actually going to leave and walked towards the door. For a second, I think part of me stopped loving him. I didn’t know what I was feeling or what I stopped feeling. I have fallen so hard for this man that I don’t even know anymore. The fighting was over and so was everything else. I loved what we had to fight for and I loved what we had to fix. In that split second that we had finished fighting, I stopped loving him. This scared me. All of the things that we had been through in the past year, gone. I still loved us, what we had. I wasn’t going to let get away. I don’t want to stop loving him and I didn’t want him to stop loving me. Just before he left the room, I took
my taste of action.
"Ed… Ed! Ed, wait!" I said breathlessly. He turned around questionably. "I uh… I think you should stay." He shot me a confused look, not expecting me to say that. I took a breath, looking him straight in the eyes "I think you should stay… And I think that we should fight."
He nodded, just barely, and started walking towards me. I was happy that he didn’t leave. Falling out of love with him was the worst thought that has ever crossed my mind.
"Ok," he said, putting his arms around my waist.
"Are you sure?" I asked, wrapping my arms on his neck.
"I’ll stay… and we’ll fight," he promised, pulling me into a hug. There was a sweet silence. The type of silent that lets you know everything will be ok. It was one that let me know he was worth it. I let my forehead touch his chest, silently thanking the fact that he was still mine and he was still here. I pulled away, putting my hands on him, not fully backing away. 
"Were you really gonna leave?"
"Yeah. I was." I saw that coming, but I didn’t expect it to make me feel this way.
"Never do that. I’d rather fight."
"I won’t, I promise," He looked at me longingly, and leaned in for a kiss. He stopped the kiss before it touched our lips. "Just promise me that you’ll never stop loving me again." 
"Wait- How’d?"
"I saw it in your eyes, it’s the only reason I knew I was leaving. I thought you didn’t care." 
How could he say this? I cared about him. I cared whether or not he left. I cared more about him than my own self. Have we really let this go that far? If anything, the only reason I fought to love him was because I did care. 
I chuckled and shook my head, “Sometimes you can be a complete and utter idiot.”
"I can Reid you like a book. You’re just vulnerable," he smiled. I rolled my eyes and grabbed onto his shirt, pulling him closer to me.
"Shut up and kiss me," I pulled him in roughly but at the last second, I let it happen. We kissed and in that moment, I swear, WE WERE INFINITE MOTHERFUCKING BYEEEEE KSDNSKXJSNXJSKXNSM I 

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